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October Laughed

Today began gray and rainy, 

until mid-morning sun burst through, 

scattering clouds, sparkling puddles,

lighting up leaves as they

sway from wind-tossed branches

skitter along sidewalks

gust golden on a wild wind. 

A puddle picture captures gold:

mirroring a tree

floating fallen leaves.

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Phenology Report: September 20-23

Sumac in full color
Mississippi colors changing
Oak leaves underfoot

This week’s weather moved from 60s to 80s, comfortable to summer-sticky.

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The Sky Is Burning

Sky in Oakland during daytime during wild fires.
Oakland, California, 11 a.m., September 9, 2020 (Photo courtesy of Macy Salzberger)

Red brown copper colored sky 
dropping ash smoke fear 
lighting up Twitter across the country 
as texts say I’m okay Mom
but I don’t believe it.  

I am not okay. You are not okay. 
We are not okay when the 
sky is on fire and forests in flames
and evacuation orders fly like 
cinders on a hot dry wind.  

Nero is fiddling, Donald is golfing
we are all going to hell in a handbasket
and no one knows how to stop. 
The sky is burning, Chicken Little,
the world is falling to pieces.       

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Phenology Report: August 30-31

Tomatoes coming in, squirrels feasting, Mexican sunflowers blooming happily at the back fence. My first tomatoes came from Kenny at the beginning of the month, followed by my own. Haven’t had to buy any at the grocery store all month long!

After 90 degree days last week, these two days were a welcome relief, with temperatures down to the comfortable 70s.

Mexican sunflowers blooming at the back fence
Tomatoes from my garden – started from seed.
Along the back fence, a riot of zinnias and tall marigolds

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Phenology Report: August 10-17

Sunflowers burst with color against a blue sky.
After moving to greener pastures on the Minneapolis side of East River Road in early spring, the turkeys have returned to Desnoyer Park.
Butterflies sip zinnias.
Sumac leaves are beginning to turn.
Sumac is candling.

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Morning on the Mississippi

I love to walk along the river, especially early in the morning. These photos come from one such walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Signs of Hope in Pandemic Times


When you feel despair at the size and scope of disaster, said Mr. Rogers, “Look to the helpers.” Beautiful people are out there, down the street, all around us. So here are three stories of hope from Black Dog Café, Trevor Noah, and New York City. If these inspire you, read to the end for two actions you can take to help. Continue reading

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All the Colors of Green


Start with clear green of new grass,

pale green of tulip blades

golden green of fringed tree blossoms

yellow green of birch catkins

gray green of cedar

blue green of spruce

green leaves silhouetted dark in the dawn

green mists of barely-there leaves against blue skies

greens as variegated as bird song

as glorious as sunshine

as fleeting as spring.

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Ideas for Spending That Stimulus Check

support the most vulnerable

This is part of an amazing series created and generously shared by Ricardo Levins Morales for this time of crisis. Check out the whole series on his Facebook page and at his studio

I got my $1,200 stimulus check today, and I’m proud to say that most of it is gone already. I still have some work, as well as Social Security (yes, I’m old), so I don’t “need” the money as much as others do. I chose to donate most of it to places that help people who do need the money, many of whom will not get stimulus checks. If you can, I hope you will consider doing the same. Here are some of my choices for places to donate. Continue reading

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Spring Still Coming


Saturday saw sunshine and 60 degrees. I walked around the neighborhood, planted lettuce and arugula in the garden, cleaned the patio, walked some more. Spring!

This winter was especially hard, filled with sickness and dying, with an invincible virus and an invincibly ignorant president. Even though the pandemic persists, the promise of spring blooms with each leaf and flower. Continue reading

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