Road Construction Subversion

Road construction sign
An orange and white sawhorse blocks
my sidewalk. Annoying enough, but now
it gives orders, too.

"Cretin Avenue ped detour turn right." 

I watch 
sidewalks torn up, carted away,
dirt topped with gravel, smoothed, 
covered in concrete again. 

"Cretin Avenue ped detour turn left." 

I ignore orders, walk 
around barricades.

One morning, the mechanical voice changes, 
speaks with a Boston accent:
"It’s a pedestrian detour, Georgie.
Everybody turn right heah!"

I stop, wave at it, 
listen as it repeats, 
go on with a smile. 

Soon sidewalk subversion claims another corner. 
A woman's voice proclaims
"Peace on earth! Turn right!"
And then another:
"Burning bright day! Turn left!" 
In a few days, Boston changes his message:
"It's a pedestrian detour.
all hard working American taxpayers turn right!" 

The streets belong to the people.
Sidewalks, too. 

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