Calling the Police on the Police

In an emergency, dial 911.
Call the police to report a crime.

Christopher Martin was a teenager, 
new on the job as a Cup Food store clerk. 
In the store, he said, George Floyd “just seemed to be enjoying just an average Memorial Day. But he did seem high.”
Martin thought the $20 bill was counterfeit. 
His supervisor told him to go get Floyd.  

Cup Foods released the following statement: 
“It is NOT Cup Foods protocol to send employees outside. It was because we had a good enough relationship with him (George Floyd) and we felt like he didn’t know it was counterfeit.”

George Floyd did not return to the store. 
The supervisor called 911. 
That was the first 911 call. 

Donald Williams II watched as police arrived,
took down
and killed 
George Floyd.  
Donald Williams II called 911.
“I believe I witnessed a murder,” he said. 

Jena Scurry watched body cam footage on a monitor. 
A police 911 dispatcher, she thought the screen had frozen. 
Then she saw movement. 
“[ I thought] something must be wrong … It was an extended period of time … a multitude of different things ran through my brain …”
Jena Scurry called the police on the police. 
“You can call me a snitch if you want to,” she told her supervisor. 

Genevieve Hansen, off-duty firefighter, testified:
“There was no medical assistance on the scene and I got there and I could have given medical assistance, and that’s exactly what I should have done. … I tried calm reasoning, I tried to be assertive, I pled and was desperate. I was desperate to give help.”

The police said no.

Derek Chauvin’s lawyer: “Some people were swearing.” 
Genevieve Hansen: “Absolutely.” 
Lawyer: “And would you describe other people’s demeanors as upset or angry?” 
Genevieve Hansen: “I don’t know if you’ve seen anybody be killed, but it’s upsetting.”

Genevieve Hansen called 911.
“I literally just watched police officers not take a pulse and not do anything to save a man,” she told 911. 

In an emergency, dial 911. 

Call the police to report a crime. 
Who do you call when police are the crime?

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