Spring, Elusive and Inevitable

"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds."

Spring sunshine, warmer days, first flowers tempt me 

to believe
that winter is over, 
that garden-time has arrived

to hope
that we have turned a corner
that milder days are coming

to believe 
that vaccines will conquer COVID
that the economy will recover

to hope
that sanity and science will prevail
that reason will win over racism.

Inevitably, frost returns and Republicans, too,
crying crisis, 
surge, caravan, onslaught, 
tidal wave, flood, inundation, 
march, invasion, army,
danger, danger, danger as

parents seeking safety send
six-year-olds, sixteen-year-olds
into the river, 
a Sophie’s choice claiming hope. 

In Washington, cherry blossom spring blooms like 
a female black Asian American daughter of immigrants 
vice president standing alongside 
an old white male president 
and the pastor of Dr. King’s church, now Senator from Georgia 
and a descendant of Jewish refugees, now Senator from Georgia.

Inevitably, Republicans vow that will never happen again, changing
Georgia voting laws because
the only way to win is to keep people from voting and
by God, we will do that. 

Intersectionality looks like an AR-15 dealing death 
to Asian women at the intersection of race and gender in Atlanta. 

Across the country, 10 more random dead in Boulder join 
the annual parade of homicide and suicide that stretches 
forty thousand long

(how many blocks is that? how many marching bands? 
how many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers? 
how many tears?)

while a Senator who lives at the intersection of arrogance and ignorance
rants that every time this happens, you people
you people talk about gun control again.

Just like every other time, he and his kind make sure
that talk remains only talk
that there will be a next time 
and a time after that. 

Despite spring storms, tornadoes,
floods and filibusters,
sun returns, green grows,
hope endures and so do we. 

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