Spring Still Coming


Saturday saw sunshine and 60 degrees. I walked around the neighborhood, planted lettuce and arugula in the garden, cleaned the patio, walked some more. Spring!

This winter was especially hard, filled with sickness and dying, with an invincible virus and an invincibly ignorant president. Even though the pandemic persists, the promise of spring blooms with each leaf and flower.

Then came Easter Sunday, with snow and wind and cold, plunging us back into winter.

Monday afternoon, I walked under darkening skies, through a brief but blizzardy snow squall, into sunshine and then snow again, all within about an hour. I looked for the blue flowers that brightened lawns and borders and even the small wooded area near the radio station.

The Siberian squill persisted, undefeated by snow and cold.

On Tuesday, that blithering idiot in the White House claimed that he has total authority over the country. Total authority is a goal of dictators, not a power of presidents.

Today, Wisconsin’s election results came in. Beating the odds, defying danger to go to the polls, voters in Wisconsin elected a new Supreme Court justice to replace the Trump-endorsed incumbent, by a margin of more than 163,000 votes.

Spring follows winter.

Ricardo Levins Morales put this poster on Instagram:


He explained:

“The image was originally a screenprint produced in the winter of 1996. Northland Poster Collective (a group of artists which included RLM) had been struggling to keep the heat on after a derelict landlord hadn’t paid the bills. The poster was one of many fundraisers that kept the collective’s storefront on Lake Street in Minneapolis open.

“Below the red smiling sun are lyrics from folk singer/songwriter Charlie Murphy (1953-2016). Murphy was a pioneering musician in regards to promoting gay rights and challenging sexism. His 1984 song “Light is Returning” is often used by pagan communities around the winter solstice. The lyrics speak to any person or any society facing difficult times.”

Light is returning
Even though this is the darkest hour
Nothing can hold back the dawn
Let’s keep it burning
Let’s keep the flame of hope alive
Make safe our journey
Through the storm


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