Sidewalk Chalk


“Be happy even when it is hard!”

I walk to stay sane. (Healthy is a side benefit.) Chalk drawings help—like the “Be happy even when it is hard!” message I saw today, as well as yesterday’s beautiful butterflies. Sooner or later, the real butterflies will return; sooner or later, this virus, too, shall pass; sooner or later, we will figure out what the new normal will look like.

Will we have voting by mail and will that really mean that Democrats always win?

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.44.24 PM

Sounds crazy, but he really said that.

I will keep on walking. I get to see things like the Mississippi at flood stage, and a cardinal singing, and a pair of mallards returning to the pond in front of an apartment building.

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And chalk drawings. Thanks, neighbors and kids, for the chalk drawings!



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