Spring Coming, 2018

two geese.png

Half a dozen gray-and-black-and-white
Canada geese swim
in a small corner of water melted
under a bright afternoon sun:
above, all incandescent blue,
below, all gray and white and black.

A pheasant skitters across the still-frozen pond,
long-tailed, ring-necked bright spot against snow.

Two swans stand
white against a plowed black field, wondering
which way to a lake?

Water burbles into city sewers,
puddles on sidewalks,
during the day,
freezes glassy overnight.

Spring sun shines,
birds return,
sap rises,
snow melts,
rivers flood,

a cataract of voters in Pennsylvania,
a flood of firings in Washington,
a trickle of resignations-on-principle,
a torrent of protest,
youth rising
unstoppable as spring.


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