Blackbirds some day

blackbird on cattail

Photo by Kurt Bauschardt, published under Creative Commons license

Some day I will stop and
write blackbirds
swinging on last summer’s reeds,
flashing red wings under spring sun,
singing life.

Some day I will stop and
watch swans float serenely
in ponds and pot holes
and learn how to use that zoom lens
waiting in the trunk of my car.

Some day my mind will not twitch
away from roadside minutes
to mourn roadside bombs and drone strikes,
to rage against weasels in the White House,
to ache for starving Somalia and bloody Syria.

This day
spring seems mere mockery while
death blooms along other roadsides
and red means blood, not blackbirds.


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One response to “Blackbirds some day

  1. Barbara

    Bittersweet. Thanks for this.

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