Seize spring

Two geese 1.jpg

Overnight, that puddle ran off
the edges of the sidewalk and sank down
into mud that only yesterday was ice.

Each day, new birds sing.
Old birds sing new spring songs,
geese honk overhead,
a lone duck flies.
A cacophony of crows occupies the wires.
Two swans float
in a slough that will be frozen again tomorrow.

Eat this sunshine before it fades,
chew and swallow this warm moment,
this fleeting February thaw before
Minnesota Marches back to winter.

When life hands you an ice cream cone,
eat it,
right away.
Do not stop to remember yesterday’s hunger
or worry over tomorrow’s emptiness
lest your ice cream melts and drips
all over your shirt
and the muddy ground you stand on.

Let your chores wait,
forget the monsters under the bed
and in the White House.
Eat ice cream and sunshine today.


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