April exploded

April exploded.pngA pale promise, Saturday buds
burst on Sunday,
leafing all over the city, streets, parks,
green and proud and loud.

exploding into spring.

Rolling on through the week,
spring raised peonies inches-per-day,
unfurled fern fronds, tall between clumps of tiger lilies,
unfolded bright tulip blooms,
scattered maple seeds gold and green on streets.

Above, tight crab apple buds
swelled, pulsed,
burst into full, fragrant flower.

April showers bring
spring now,
too impatient to wait for May.

From every small screen, politicians
ponder, prose, pose, posture, promise,
as, in the big world, spring explodes and
green power overcomes again.

If spring can explode in a week,
why not a revolution?
If green can flame over a field, ditch, lawn, city,
why not a new world?
Could you, could I, could anyone
such an explosion of spring and green and life,
such earth-splitting power of sun and rain?

We shall overcome
some day, and
some other day,
we shall grow old and tired,
but even so we will remember spring
the power of green,
growth over death,
hope over despair.


Nude lawn mowing.

The county paper reports:

“He’s allegedly been seen naked while

on a riding lawnmower,

picking up sticks,

drinking coffee on his deck,

washing his truck and

walking his garbage to the roadside.”


The probation officer says

he has a fence, partial,

and shrubbery,

which will probably work better

when the leaves come out.


The church ladies laugh.

They are not prudes, but they think

he’d better build that privacy fence.

He isn’t anything you’d want to see.

Doesn’t look that good

even with clothes on.






It’s a thing in Minnesota, from

Maynard to Litchfield.

Who knew?



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