On seeing swans in springtime


telephoto swan

April 22, 2016 near Howard Lake

Focusing the telephoto lens
requires concentration,
stillness, steadiness,
something unmoving to
ground elbows or tripod.

The world blurs, swings, races past.
Look for a single point — a
telephone pole, tree branch, shoreline —
and try to move slowly toward the swan:
and gone
and focus …

The photo shows a swan,
a little out of focus.
Apply the tools of revision:
color balance, sharpening,
cropping, resizing.

When I was young,
swans lived in fairy tales
or zoos
somewhere not-here, not-now.
Today they float,
all graceful curves,
or dive
ungracefully upended,
next to the highway in
any prairie pot hole.

I try to clearly see,
clearly say,
rework, reword, revise, and sharply focus
photos, poems,
life and swans.








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